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Well, I have more to say. Why you ask? Well, it is rather complicated. So with out trying to find words I can’t spell let me put it across in Curtis terms.

After my last review I may have angered a New Yorker. Not badly, but when I received a call that the owner was on his way down from New York to have a word with me I felt a bit vulnerable. Great, now the mafia is after me.

Gabe and I decided we would attempt a fishing trip… at night!?! Concrete shoes come to mind. Regardless I meet him at the ramp and he says he has something for me. My thoughts quickly go to shanks, horse heads, and those darn concrete shoes. What have I gotten my self into now?

I Hunt Fish

Turns out he took my review quite seriously, and in a good way. He hands me a very light shirt, microfiber to be exact. Now that my nerves have settled he explains to me the shirt albeit not his invention should be exactly what I needed for those hot summer days. With 30+ UPF rating, it definitely keeps the harmful stuff off of you, and the moisture wicking helps keeps you cool and dry. Best part is I don’t have to cut the sleeves out for it to look cool! I personally like the white trash look of my fishing attire; however I can look like I know what I am doing with this shirt.

It isn’t very often that you meet and owner of a company who has more than just money on his mind, but his passion definitely shines through on his products geared towards those of us on the flats. Quite honestly I am surprised that a guy from New York with a thick accent even knows what flat fishing is, much less what we need to wear. Gabe definitely knows the flats, and for a Yankee he has the attitude and knowledge of a serious Florida Flats Fisherman. Not only have I found my new shirts for the flats, but I feel as though I have made a friend. Everybody needs at least one friend right?

To finish up my brown nosing for a closet full of I Hunt Fish shirts, I want to add that I received a package about a week ago from I Hunt Fish. Like a kid at Christmas I tore into the package to see what I would get. Gabe definitely pays attention as he sent me another shirt, one that you will no doubt see me in either on the water or at church. A nice I Hunt Fish shirt with the sleeves already cut out. It’s my new favorite.

Please visit www.ihuntfish.com as it has been updated to include the new microfiber line. As always if you have questions from a regular guy feel free to contact me. Costefishnt@4everwright.com . If you wish to give me stuff that’s ok too ;)

Review by: Curtis Cost Efish'nt³ Wright
Microskiff.com Pro Staff
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